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Simplify your administrative tasks so you can focus on your mission-related ones.

Leave your clunky spreadsheets and mail merges behind.  Eliminate redundancy in data entry.  Share and receive data from outside sources at the click of a button.  Easily group and summarize your data.  Store historical information in order to track and analyze trends. Enhance and standardize the look of your output.

Receive general assistance and maintenance on new or existing Microsoft Access databases.

Whether you have a specific need in mind, or are just looking to streamline and simplify your administrative tasks in general, I can help.  I also do website development and would be happy to give your organization a professional presence on the web.  Please contact me at to see how I can help your organization!

Located in Salisbury, MD, I serve the Delmarva Peninsula and surrounding area.


To date I have done work for the following organizations and would be happy to provide references upon request:

  • ShoreUp! Inc., Salisbury, MD

  • ShoreCorps/PALS program at Salisbury University

  • Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County

  • Lower Shore Support Services

  • US Kennels Inc., Salisbury, MD

  • Christian Shelter, Salisbury, MD

  • St. John's United Methodist Church, Fruitland, MD

  • Union United Methodist Church, Delmar, MD

  • Ocean Bay Chorus, Salisbury, MD

  • SCRWC, Georgetown, DE

Discover How I Can Make Your Workplace Run More Efficiently

Business Organization


Review Your Workflow

At this initial meeting, we will examine your current workflow at a high level to determine where efficiency and effectiveness can potentially be improved upon.  We will then propose possible solutions that would fit your needs.

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Design and Implement the Solution

At this stage, we roll up our sleeves and delve into the detail of what needs to be done.  We will work together to define the current steps of your work processes and collaborate on the specifics of the solution, with a close interaction occurring throughout the process.  The work is not complete until you can say "you have made my job so much easier."

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